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Mission Statement

"At S.A.F.E. Training, it is our goal to provide exceptional quality firearms training and security related applications for a variety of audiences".

No matter what your skill level, we will deliver professional firearms training to help you and your clients achieve your goals. So whether you want to get your concealed weapons permit, fine tune your shooting skills, or receive specialized security related training, contact us or review our  training schedule.

Our Story

Brian Davis founded S.A.F.E. Training, LLC to help the people. He believes that everyone should feel confident to train, and have confidence in their trainers.  A trained community is a safer community, and at S.A.F.E. Training we want to help everyone with their training needs. We provide a positive and professional atmosphere that smooths the learning process, whether you are a first time novice or a veteran instructor. S.A.F.E. Training can provide you and your family with the training you need.

Exceptional Instruction and Education

S.A.F.E. Training, LLC is determined to provide exceptional instruction and education with firearms and security related training.

C.E.O. Brian Davis will ensure that your training is tailored to you and/or your group. For large groups, Brian utilizes instructors that are hand-picked for their expertise and communication skills, all of whom Brian has worked with in the U.S. and/or deployed with overseas in support of the United States Government interests.

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Brian Davis

Founder & CEO

Brian Davis has over 25 years experience in Security, Police, Management, and Training. He obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology from the University of Florida, has been a trainer for over 25 years, a police instructor over 16 years, a police academy instructor over 13 years, and an instructor for the U.S. Department of State for over 7 years.

Mr. Davis' passion for teaching has resulted in the successful training of hundreds of civilians, thousands of police and corrections cadets, and thousands of US Government employed contractors and guards.

In addition, Mr. Davis was also the Deputy Project Manager for US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the Training Manager for one of the biggest private security contractor companies in the world. He is a security expert, a certified instructor in multiple weapon systems, some of which include handguns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, 40 MM grenade launchers and multiple other disciplines including defensive tactics and dignitary protection. Mr. Davis is also a certified N.R.A. Instructor.


For Large Groups

When required, for a lower Instructor to Student ratio, Mr. Davis utilizes hand-picked instructors who are experts in their fields, and have worked with and/or deployed overseas with him.